2008 China (Ning Bo) food fair

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2008 China (Ning Bo) food fair

Exhibit meeting name: 2008 China (Ning Bo) food fair
Cloth extends time: 2008-11-5
Show time: 2008-11-7
Remove extend time: 2008-11-10
Can exhibit place: Peaceful wave international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Zhejiang of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China saves people government
Assist run an unit: State-owned asset dominates trade of Ning Bo of Board of Trade of peaceful wave city a finite liability company
Media support: Food of China of net of Chinese food industry extends meeting network
Can exhibit a category: Candy / wine / beverage, integrated kind food is exhibited, agriculture / the name actors or actress especially / green food
Home / abroad: Home
Be in an area: Hua Dong area
Be in province, city: Zhejiang province
Can exhibit a description:

Fair of 2008 China food
Food safety and industry innovation develop
Invitation letter
Peaceful wave international exhibition center
Sponsor an unit: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Zhejiang saves people government
Support an unit: Country of People's Republic of China develops and reform committee
Ministry of Agriculture of People's Republic of China
Ministry of science and technology of People's Republic of China
National provision medicines and chemical reagents controls management board
Undertake unit: Government of people of peaceful wave city
Chinese trade union
Federation of Chinese light industry
Zhejiang saves economic trade commission
Carry out undertake: Board of Trade of peaceful wave city
State-owned asset dominates peaceful wave trade a finite liability company

CFPE 2008
The fair of 2008 China food that sponsors by government of Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China and Zhejiang province people, will on November 7, 2008 - 10 days are held in Ning Bo.
Ning Bo is port of center of the region economy center with the important ala austral long triangle, shipping center, content shedding, foreign trade; Progress of peaceful wave economy is swift and violent, commercial resource is advantageous, income of GDP gross, finance ranks the cogongrass before 15 deputy provincial towns, dweller per capita resides the whole nation the 4th, consumption level resides the whole nation the 2nd; Ning Bo is located in Zhejiang food to be saved greatly; Food and relevant industry last, fast, healthy progress, food market purchase and sale two flourishing, market network extend in all directions; First 10 beautiful run Ning Bo or country exhibit famous city of culture of city of city, first-class travel city, environmental protection model, civilized wholesome town, history. Take seriously in height of leaders of all levels below, ning Bo was held successfully continuously 2005, 2006 with fair of 2007 China food.
Fair of 2007 China food, assemble China cate, gather travelling merchant of the four seas, advocate green safety, lead an industry development, the ties went great achievements of again and again, in dimensions class, action business forms a delegation, ginseng exhibit safety of number, food, brand to recommend, classics trade negotiates, clinch a deal the many respects such as conduct propaganda of forum of innovation of amount, carrier, height, figure obtained new breakthrough, came true to feed rich to be able to be in the 3rd times of Ning Bo new span, firmly establish Chinese food industry the first exhibit without with oscillatory position. According to statistic, the 2007 meetings that feed rich exhibit an area to achieve 60 thousand much square metre, international standard is exhibited achieve 2500 many, number attending the meeting is achieved 360 thousand, join among them exhibit join meeting travelling merchant 100 thousand more than person, exhibit can clinch a deal the forehead 7.27 billion yuan, pull secondhand use the service such as accommodation, meal, travel, advertisement, traffic, information course of study and agriculture, farming by-product treatment yields amount to 40 billion yuan of above.
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