2008 China (Ning Bo) food fair

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Fair of 2008 China food will be revealed through the exhibition, trade of butt joint of produce and sale, classics negotiates, the series activity such as conduct propaganda of technical communication, culture, reveal reforming and opening 30 years to come to our country in the round food and relevant industry are newest achievement, reveal innovation of modern science and technology adequately to develop a standard, build platform of mutual benefit win-win, promote communication of collaboration of domestic and international food and relevant business information, commerce, technology, green of “ of big thrust interpose, safe, be at ease ” food brand, promote development of safety of our country food and industry harmony innovation. Congress organizing committee invites sincerely ginseng of domestic and international travelling merchant to exhibit ginseng meeting!

Ginseng extend range
Cold chain of food industry raw material, additive agent for food, food machinery, food store environmental protection of achievement of scientific research of motion equipment, food, food is energy-saving processing technique, rubber packing sheet and pack, products of food of aquatic product goods, biology, meat, dairy produce, beverage, wine kind, dressing, candied cake.

Exhibit meeting activity
Opening ceremony of fair of 2008 China food
Forum of height of fair of 2008 China food
Fair of 2008 China food serves a dinner
Fair of 2008 China food is literary the evening party
Commerce of series of fair of 2008 China food negotiates recommend an activity

Extend a price
1, 3m×3m international standard exhibits: Domestic company 4800 yuan (¥ ) / , foreign enterprise 1250 dollars ($ ) / (double-faced mouth is added receive 10 % ) .
2, smooth ground: 500 yuan (¥ ) / square metre (hire since 36 square metre, do not contain mount administration fee especially) , construction design program must hand in organizing committee examine and verify 2 weeks ahead of schedule, smooth ground exhibits a design to be restricted 5 meters tall.
3, the configuration that exhibit a stage: One piece negotiates carpet of two desk, chairs, 3m×3m, two shoot electrical outlet of a the lamp, power source (5A) , company lintel board (ginseng exhibit unit Chinese name) exhibit with 3 board.

Ginseng extend a requirement
1, ginseng exhibit an unit must licence of the wholesome licence with lawful and effective hold, production of business charter, food, offer the photocopy that above card illuminates to the organizing committee.
2, offer detailed ginseng to exhibit product directory to the organizing committee.

Ginseng extend a program
1, application unit fills in seriously " ginseng extend registration form " build official seal to mail or the fax reachs organizing committee office;
2, application unit is in exhibit sign will join inside a week exhibit charge to collect assign account to the organizing committee, fax sheet of bottom of bank remit money organizing committee office please;
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