Facility of the 14th Muscovite baking and food raw material are exhibited

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Get level of Russia light industry backward place is restricted, the roast product of Russia this locality produces business to undertake competitive for as following one by one as these foreign country enterprise, only outlet is to import new-style equipment and raw material. Besides the product that swarms into from Europe, the Chinese equipment that with European product photograph price of more admirable than having sex compares and raw material are having the market with huge potential in Russia, the equipment related everything and contemporary roast product, appliance, raw material has very big demand in Russia.

Be in the Russia bake market of phase of ” of “ gold rush
Russia economy predicts to be in 2007 maintain approach the increase rate of 7% , in economic high speed growth is driven, the Russian all can control income to reach every month 300 dollars (this number is 20-30 dollar) only before 10 years, according to forecasting, this number will be in in the near future inside add urgently to 600 dollars. And in Moscow, average per capita can control income to break through every month already 1000 U.S. dollors. The level of per capita is mirrorred on the wastage of daily food necessarily. Expert of Russia food industry estimates, the high speed that Russian food industry returns tenability ten years at least grows period. Especially food bake industry, its develop way will be all the way expedite.

Although a few years market of Russia roast product had lasted in the past,high speed grows, but still did not see saturated sign, besides the groovy bake food that serves as staple food, the line of the products on goods shelves presents the trend that diversification develops, since Russia since opening to the outside world, the habits and customs of European developed country affects Russia the Cenozoic Era gradually, the taste that also drives native and requirement are in producing change. Once held goods shelves by the traditional bake food of significant position, appeared more and more deserts, cake, small feed. The globalization trend of visible world economy also is in without can avoid the ground the bake food market that affecting Russia. The baking equipment supplier that comes from world each district enter Russia market to hold position to be the business that values most in recent years surely, exhibit Muscovite bake those who serve as first selection to reveal platform.

Muscovite bake and food raw material exhibit: The vane of Russia bake tendency of the market
Moscow is one of the most important center in world economy, only a city is Moscow Russia Gross National Product (GNP) contributed 15% share. Regard complete Russia as economy and political center, moscow is this second exhibition provided favorable commercial environment, also laid successful foundation to enlist the company of this exhibition!

This second exhibition is engineering China tea art shows an activity, the tea business that welcomes to intent is participated in and we contact specific arrangements, to combining the tea business of accord with qualification we will be offerred freely in exhibition spot field and demonstrate period of time.
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