Facility of the 14th Muscovite baking and food raw material are exhibited

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Exhibition exhibits limits:
★ baking facility reachs appliance:
Various drying-out, the pine turns cake equipment, roll shape cake equipment, biscuit rises revive equipment, bake container reachs small-sized model, biscuit baking facility, bake raw material is metric equipment, raw material and unripe face transmit equipment, crackling biscuit equipment, power change cake / equipment of Hua Fu cake, candied mug-up produces equipment.

★ other equipment reachs appliance:
Biscuit section equipment, ox horn includes wind up facility, wake hair equipment, agitate, egg beater, flour machines equipment, flour mixes equipment, grind machine of face of face equipment 籂 , unripe face machines equipment, knead dough, dough distributes an equipment, cake modelling reachs fill device, press a facility, ship transmission equipment, macaroni produces equipment, chocolate produces equipment, chocolate machines equipment, conserve produces equipment, ice cream produces equipment, display show equipment, refrigerant storage equipment, equipment of antiseptic, disinfection, data processing software, equipment of loop of the sources of energy, stick the mark, equipment that make bid, the experiment tests equipment, quality supervisory equipment, environmental protection equipment, the material that pack, package machine, water treatment equipment, 殻 content is abrade equipment, cake emulates a model.

Equipment reachs appliance related ★ coffee and tea:
Electric coffee grinder closes machine, coffee mixes drink, coffee brew is implemental, coffee tea filter is provided, coffee cure chance, coffee capsule and coffee are wrapped, without coffeine coffee, fast dissolve coffee, especially strong coffee, appliance of especially strong coffee, equipment of brew of especially strong coffee, equipment of brew of especially strong coffee, equipment of the tea that bake, tea is abrade equipment, tea bag produces equipment, food packs equipment and raw material quickly, in bags tea (tea is wrapped)

★ raw material reachs additive:
Flavor, essence, bake additive, purificatory flour, other dairy produce, flour is improved agent, cake is improved agent, special grease, bright butter, last agent, yeasty, pigment, acting candy, sweet taste agent, edible acid, candied and close adornment, chocolate reachs icing, coffee reachs cocoa, ice cream burden, other raw material complementary makings.

Serve related ★ other:
Supplied materials packs a service, storefront is decorated
★ 2007 new window:

Coffee beans, coffee pink, tea.

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