Guzhang native to board the Expo big booth

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"I did not expect to exhibitors at the Expo, it is Western propaganda, publicity Guzhang a good opportunity for us to participate, feel very proud." Oct. 12, the author of God and the land Guzhang County is responsible for agricultural and sideline specialty products plant one remote call, he said excitedly. It is reported that the production of agricultural and sideline specialty plant was officially entered the morning of the Shanghai World Expo, the exhibition hall in Hunan, as planned, the exhibition will last to 18 November.

It is understood that the participation of the company's products mainly include Artemisia food cake, pure wild Gefen, convenient features fans, Ciba, Miao sour fish, chili sauce, etc. These products are not only unique flavor, but also has high nutritional value. Exhibition of products, convenient features like, hot pepper sauce Ministry of Agriculture, quality of agricultural products has been identified as pollution-free food safety center, arrowroot by China Green Food Development Center as A green product, Artemisia food cake products have been awarded Hunan (International) Agricultural Fair Gold Medal, awarded the Fifth International Cooking Competition Ciba medal champion products favored by consumers.

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