China Chinese old native of Suzhou Expo being sought

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"Replenishment is the first time by train, the business is too hot," and yesterday, also deputy general manager Zhang Anjun Beijing, Lu Gao Jian, told reporters by telephone, in the old China and China Expo, they brought the Lucai one on counters were all "stolen" light, desperation, enterprise 3 at night replenishment sent to Beijing by train. "Suzhou to Beijing's famous specialty all become old 'meat and potatoes'," which allows groups of 12 to Beijing, Suzhou, apart from a little old pleasantly surprised by surprise. According to reports, from 2 to 7 May, at the China National Agricultural Exhibition Fair old Chinese Suzhou old discharged powerful lineup, in addition to sending a delegation to train, bring a large number of specialty products hand shoulder, some old specially Beijing to open a freight car. These two days, opened the door at 9 o'clock every morning, many of its customers to straight old pavilion in Suzhou. Flow in both the southern people in Beijing, there are many native northerners. 6 days old ready to sell the goods, many OTC only 2 days to have an emergency. Chi Chai mining, leaves and other Soviet-style by the candy, cakes, to more than yesterday sold Qicheng. Even the 4,000 yuan a piece of the imperial kiln BRIC have customers Lu Mu fancy, yesterday sold four at once. An emergency supply of old desperation can only take limited supply. Huang Tianyuan Chairman Chen Xirong introduced, bringing the total of 600 boxes Double Ninth cake, rice pudding, gold and silver groups, from 3 day period they are limited to only a specific "occasion." Lu Gao Jian preservation Sauce, duck, sugar shoes, smoked fish and other species, "How much the number of" supply for an hour a day business, many customers can only wait for the next day morning session after booking to come and collect. Two days, many old and famous recount replenishment Beijing, "Jin-Jin" by courier, "dry Sheng Yuan" consignment through the supply freight company will arrive.

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