Central China Agricultural Fair 2010 pre-show scouring specialty

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2010 in central China (Hunan) International Agricultural Fair preview yesterday, jujube Henan, Shanxi vinegar, beef Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Hunan rice ... ... 10 thousand kinds of strange new agricultural products have appeared, attracting a large number of professional buyers heard the news from. Jinxia food company in the booth, "an opening of Guangdong to the procurement of 1,000 tons would provide 'Qinxiang One', our annual production was 3,000 tons, want too much for it to." More than a handful of early members of the public visiting the Council, addiction, where new products can be bought, so what benefits can be mined? A lot of "agricultural Bo Li Shou" on collecting a bunch of specialty products. The northwest corner of the first floor of Excellence exhibition hall, a long head of Buddha is named as the "Buddha", unique flavor, there is a certain anti-tumor effect; organically grown "platoon" high iron content, is the ideal choice for people with diabetes; the most respected black pearl wax apples first, a fist-sized bright red hand on a breaking into two pieces, gently bite, both the sweetness of apples, there are fresh pears, is clearing the lungs of the best. Beautiful Tibetan girl, tsampa butter tea barley into Tibet Gonggar exhibition, a rich plateau style blowing. Growth in 3500-5000 meters pulling chicken, wild Cordyceps, saffron, lotus and other valuable ingredients for food, to produce the possession of eggs, rich in active factor, increases the immunity, especially for the elderly and children eat. Large tracts of yak meat is attracting the attention of many people, it is said that the growth of the plateau yak, snow drink, eat caterpillar fungus, so the beef is more chewiness, taste delicious but nutritious, but also cold. Duck weed in rice fields fertile, with the milk vetch, clover, rapeseed, organic fertilization, supplemented by chicken manure, pig manure, rapeseed as raw materials, organic fertilization, stocking Trichogramma, Bullfrog , spider insecticide in the field ... ... as a leader in agricultural industrialization in Hunan, Hunan Jinxia Food Industry Co., Ltd. With each year, "Qin Xiang One" steal the show at the Agricultural Fair, paperback filled with 5 pounds of organic rice, the image of stores in the Territory 138 in the original price to sell, price 118 yuan; Deluxe Edition 5 pounds loaded, "Qin Xiang One", original price 188 yuan, 138 yuan at current prices; there original 488 grain and oil gift set, price 428 yuan. Yunnan in the west gate entrance pavilion, deep in the Smell blowing. Tianma, Tianqi, Angelica, gold caterpillar fungus, Codonopsis to stand heap full to the brim. "These are our local specialty of Yunnan", the staff strongly recommended. Of course, a far cry from the price of different varieties, from 200 yuan / kg to 1,680 yuan / kg range. Knowledgeable members of the public may also wish to walk around to see if they need medicine.

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