Zhejiang Sanmen County native "popular" Provincial Agricultural Fair

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November 26 to 30, 2010 Zhejiang Agriculture Expo in Hangzhou Peace Convention Center, as an agricultural county, Zhejiang Sanmen County, a total of 14 leading agricultural enterprises and farmers cooperatives participating. During the vice mayor of Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, Li Yue-way, three county leaders Hao, Zhang Wen-ying, Huang Xiangyun so visited the exhibition. In the agricultural fair scene, the reporter noted that while the county's booth this year, three more remote, can be business as usual is full of people, each booth was thronged with people shopping in Hangzhou. Fidelity Fruit and Vegetable professional cooperatives in the booth, while okra price is 30 yuan a kilogram, can be "Ma sister" are still crazy, just less than an hour, brought five boxes of okra cooperatives were looted. Sanmen County, according to Director of the Office of Rural Peng Binhui introduction, this exhibition of the "skipper" seafood, "three in Hong Kong" fine packaging razor, "in the water side," three blue crab ... ... almost all the specialties are subject to the Hangzhou public "siege." An abundance of grain and specialized cooperatives Liu Xiaoyan said they specifically this year introduced a brown rice tea, the first appearance Agricultural Fair, 20 yuan for each box, and the response is very good, more than an hour for the sale of more than 100 boxes. In the scene, the reporter found that many people made a special trip in Hangzhou globe. Lan tea in front of the booth the cloud, the reporter noted that a 60-year-old man surnamed Wang, bought several boxes of barley tea. He told reporters that last year's agricultural fair, he bought 2 boxes of barley tea, feeling well, come on purpose to buy this year.

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