Chaffy dish of Great Harmony copper

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The bronze ware history of Great Harmony is long, craft is masterly, be in early period of Northen Wei Dynasty, enjoy great reputation. Since Tang Song, the bronze ware of Great Harmony is popular already the whole nation. Period of bright Qing Dynasty, the casting copper of Great Harmony, make the handicraft such as copper quite prosperous already, when street of alley of clock building courtyard the mill that make copper already amounted to tens of place, all fasten child bear father line of business, world
Acting according to legend, friend calls “ coppersmith street ” . Place of draft of annals of Great Harmony of the Republic of China of no less than narrates: Although “ Great Harmony is not cupreous area, and cupreous products to quite celebrated, cheap and fine, much luck outside Mongolia place. Its a large amount of carry out taste the content such as crock of boiler having copper, copper, it is with chaffy dish especially most. From Ping Suilu be open to traffic, xian Le of passenger of tourist of China and foreign countries purchases, use as gift, its market recovers free, this tasting more much, in reason handicraft industry, copper is versed in most alone pace. ”

Construction of design of chaffy dish of Great Harmony copper is reasonable, it by body of chassis, boiler, fire, the six ministries in feudal China such as canister of cupreous lid, fire and Xiaogai divides composition. Its produce working procedure to shape, cast, solder, in tin-plating, carve flower, polish, assemble wait for 7 working procedure. Be built in body of chassis, boiler, boiler and on Xiaogai, engrave respectively magpie of ” of “ dragon Feng Chengxiang, “ ascends plum ” , “ to eight saints go across the sea the design such as ” of ” , landscape of “ painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style. As a result of modelling choiceness of beautiful, craft, breed various, wear well, have grumous ethical characteristic and local distinguishing feature, love so by the client, people loves its economic value not only, and the art that prefers it appreciates value. Zhou En came 1973 when the premier accompanies Du Lai of skin of French president bitter fleabane be visited together, have vulture “ the cupreous chaffy dish of design of ” of month of 9 dragon act vigorously gives bitter fleabane Pi Du's president as gift.

Nowadays, plant of technology of Great Harmony metal produces give priority to with steel chaffy dish, wine is provided, casting of plaque of palace tableware, bronze medal, copper resembles be complementary 10 big kinds, the technology product of more than 200 breed, be in not only domestic each district is very popular, and popular still at Japan, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany and area of HongKong and Macow.

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