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Take in Jin Dongna, folk is circulating such an adage words: “ gold bead, golden bead king, jin Zhu does not change ooze city to fizzle out. The ooze county of area of ” Jin Dongna is ancient the city that it is ooze, yellow ” of “ ooze city is a kind of millet that here produces, grain is little, golden color, be called by local ” of “ gold bead. It is millet familial in the most special breed, do not agree to change with true golden bead, its are precious it is thus clear that.

Yellow ” of “ ooze city calls “ Wu Ge old ” again, because,this is clear Chao Kangxi year the great scholar of a be an official of hold office at court (Wang Dian) discover above all, and get this name. Say to still have paragraph of interesting story! According to legend the turmoil of war 300 years ago, the masses have no means to live, connect the bonze in temple, common people also is too busy to apply offerred. In the Gu Miao on hill of ooze city wingceltis, stay in a few when have a bonze and him prentice, it is to have a rough time person one's previous experience, live to produce food, reclaim the hill sloping field of around deficient backbone come out, kind go up ” of “ coarse cereal. Unexpectedly, through a few years of domestication, be planted coarse cereal produced magical change, become cream-colored is sallow, grain is fruity, glittering and translucent and bright, eat come soft continous delicious. Of different common is, plant with this rice boils gruel, boiler edge does not hang grain of rice, frowsty meal, evaporate meal also does not chew sweeter more with respect to dish, name “ to climb then coarse ” . The Wu Ge of be an official of hold office at court is old, hear home town gave “ to climb coarse ” , think personally samples, confirm. After he samples in Honolulu temple, see deserve the reputations one enjoys if really, climb “ the city of ooze of name instead “ of coarse ” fizzles out ” , bring back palace pay intribute to give Kang Xi the emperor, kang Xi loves to eat very much. Kind happiness mother of an emperor also is fond of eat to boil the eight treasures congee that go out with yellow ” of “ ooze city. From now on, reputation of yellow ” of “ ooze city is big brace up, become articles of tribute year after year almost, supply imperial court is enjoyed.

Native boast removes his local speciality, can read aloud a such pet phrase: “ ooze county 3 big treasure, egg, melon seeds, Wu Ge is old. ” among them egg of the first treasure, although each district has, but ooze city egg is different from general, its characteristic is Pi Gong, big, egg white is much, yoke is small, yoke is small be like red jujube. The melon seeds austral the 2nd treasure, big, benevolence fertilizer, oil content is high, place often regards the solid food that go out as it. And Wu Ge of the 3rd treasure is old, because he discovers ooze city is yellow the first times, as time passes, established by usage, his name became the pronoun of yellow ” of “ ooze city.
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