Ooze city yellow millet

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The Huanghe valley is the birthplace of millet, the history of grow of our country millet is quite ages ago, xi'an has the terrine that fills millet in the relics of the The Neo-lithic Age that half slope village disentombs. The working people of laborious wisdom passes long-term domestication seed selection, heretofore already bred 16000 many variety. Ooze city is yellow, it is a among them the most special breed, sex of its choose earth is very strong, grow in the land of drought of a mountainous area barren aptly only, concentration is on the land that second village countryside takes ooze county. And bring plant somewhere else, arrived below one year to degrade completely. Among them reason, agronomist people hunting.

Ooze city is yellow not only body is golden, flavour sweet beauty, and nutrition is rich, the course concerns sectional appraisal, the content of saccharide of the adipose amount that it contains, protein, dissolubility, prep above is common millet. The dragon hill rice of county of grave of the golden rice of it and county of Shandong gold countryside, chapter, the peach blossom rice of Heibei colourful county, call our country “ ” of 4 names rice. Often exhibit in Beijing agriculture exhibition consequently, also win on Fair of Ceng Zaian city and Indian international exposition reputably.

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