Dragon must play a side

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The fountainhead that dragon must play a side is only then of Yu Tangchao small play a side. " pass after Wang Huang of · of new Tang Shu " write down “ Majesty does not read aloud A Zhong Tuo Zi alone face of half arm Yi Dou, for ” of Ye of birthday soup cake. Cake of soup of this kind of birthday, already but “ lifts chopsticks to feed ” (Liu Yu Xi " give a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations piece wash " ) , be with soft dough, cut with the knife, will fine-draw, boiler falls to thoroughly cook edible after spinning, folk retains this way up to now, say for small play a side. King queen becomes the old practice of birthday soup cake for Li Longji, happen in Li Longji to make Lu
When the city is not driven, visible Tang Dynasty at least Taiyuan, long treat wait for Shanxi area already will small pull a face to be made as face of birthday long life with edible. Later, this pulls face craft to pass Japan as the Sukhavati Zongdong of Taiyuan Xuan Zhongsi, form the whole day plays the base of powder technique originally. Arrived Song Dai, zhao Guangyi shovels Ping Jinyang northwest to fasten Zhou Shan, appetent unplug ” of “ Long Jiao. Common people of the 2nd year of Taiyuan the neutralization at the beginning of Feburary ” of section of bibcock of section instead “ , fixed it is at the beginning of Feburary 2 in order to make commemoration day. This day, common people eats more play a side, means you unplug ” of my “ Long Jiao, I carry you ” of “ dragon muscle, eat your “ dragon to need ” , in order to show detest. From this, pull a face to be called again dragon needs a range, huang Tingjian ever made cake of poetic “ soup a cup of silver-colored silk is random, pull silk to be like horizontal ” of detailed jade hairpin. Yuan when era, ma Kebo Luo San visits Taiyuan, this kind the technology that play a side brings back Italy, form the Italian macaroni cooked wheaten food that affects technology of western cooked wheaten food and dietary culture. Small pull a face when to develop to play a side into big, of short duration cannot be taken an examination of, but bright person the Song Dynasty brags " ministry of preserve one's health of family name of the Song Dynasty " account: “ enters water knead dough with little salt, one jin is rate. Already divide evenly, …… of fertile balm a few pesters subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy with two tactics gradually at pointing to continuously, middle finger, between ring finger, for fine, make boil soup first, along with pull along with boil. It is thus clear that Shanxi already had ” to help technology that make greatly when bright generation. Between clear path light-year, gold of horse of county of Shanxi millet hill decides brother, from a great distance goes Shaanxi Qi hill does business of fine dried noodles, name “ arranges a day to become ” , till today, qi hill fine dried noodles returns continue to use this old name. After this kind of fine dried noodles has played the side namely at first, hang online on insolation sale, it is model that sells as semi-manufactured goods.
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