Dragon must play a side

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Quiet day last years of a dynasty or reign, pull a face to already made the mature technology that cooked wheaten food of hill, short for Shaanxi Province makes. Treasure of Xue of clear minor details is exhibited write " maigre say slightly " in say, in popularity of hill, short for Shaanxi Province a kind of “ hardwood face ” : “ with water knead dough, knead divide evenly into salt, edible vegetable oil, fu with wet cloth, wait its soft, avulsion is fine boil, the name is hardwood face. Practice with city of Shanxi Taiyuan, calm down, Shaanxi Chao Yi, it is with the city most. This plants ” hardwood noodle, namely Shanxi plays a side, also say dragon needs a range, still enter royal court in clear generation. " Qing Dynasty insignificants kind of bank note " , " grand sight of board of drive of Chinese past dynasties " in write down, the Shou Danyan —— of monarch of one of imperial palace great dinners, quiet day banquet of 10 thousand birthday, and the Mongolia of the first banquet kisses Man Hanquan banquet hedge banquet, what regard drive as the banquet with dragon beard face is important and prandial.

1000 action of “ learn easily, one a key to do sth is god-given ” . ” of “ unique skill ever was considered as before pulling technology that make to liberate, secret and do not pass. After liberating, be able to make public socially gradually, make the essential technique of Shanxi face case, get the attention of Shanxi food group, be in ceaselessly the fractionize in carrying out exploration is small play a side (a face) , play a side greatly (6 to 8 buckle) , dragon must play a side (10 buckle above) , pull a face to wait hollowly. Now, dragon must pull a face to divide edible besides, still demonstrate skill as a kind, pull to 14 when buckling, add up to 28924, photograph company commander amounts to 25 kilometers. The unconscious eye of total advance guild hall plays a side, ever still won the throughout the country hutch art stunt is preeminent award, attend the country such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and area show on invitation for many times. This year the beginning of the year, the dragon that total advance guild hall regards inheritance as the unit must play a side, be included form of the 2nd batch of states immaterial culture bequest protects directory, got national height takes seriously. Dragon must pull a face to make, in cooked wheaten food of this one Shanxi technical strong characteristic handiwork craft and performance are artistic, the extremely flowery and dazzing luster that will give society of harmony of inheritance article arteries and veins, trend, benefit in new era coruscate.

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