Shanxi coloured glaze

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Coloured glaze namely microtherm lead glazed pottery, plumbic glazed pottery already appeared at period of the Western Han Dynasty, at that time a few lives use fire implement with the tomb figure that follows bury, went out to the fire when Tang Dynasty today the ” of “ tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty that person place weighs, after Song Dai, its accomplish main body to build the production of coloured glaze to go up now. Yuan acting, coloured glaze course of study had new development. Arrived bright generation, coloured glaze is decorated except the structure that still uses Yu Gongting, feudal official in great quantities outside, as cloister architectural flourishing, scale of production gets unprecedented development, technical essence also exceeds
Over- before, shi Daomiao eaves, tope, for implement and daily expense handicraft is very much make with coloured glaze.

Come more than 1000 years, because of coloured glaze make distributing in churchyard wide, artisan division is much, I visit the rural area of art of the coloured glaze that be called, basically rest with ferry of Taiyuan, in relief city, river, interpose and other places is given priority to. Taiyuan at the latest is in bright generation already produced coloured glaze between 10 thousand past years, center in order to greet village of hilltop of village of lustre area horse most, place burns coloured glaze have revive, white, Zhang San is big familial, with Su familial the most influential. Say according to the old person, revive surname one's early years migrated from big hole large pagoda tree Su Jiawan, arrive later greet village of village of lustre area horse, divide again before long give two, a past north goes taking the place of kiln of prefectural Wu Jia, one went to Beijing. In relief city is burned build coloured glaze only then at yuan acting, in the division of coloured glaze artisan that visits numerous school in me, surname of tall of in relief city is its go-between number a time of most, continuance is the longest. Cong Mingzheng all year begin, arrive all the time between Qing Shunzhi, Kang Xi, Qianlong, Jiaqingnian, inheritance impact is clear, class generation series is clear. Nowadays, hind criterion the factory still is the pottery and porcelain of material of in relief city building of lumbar village local tall surnames family place open. River ferry coloured glaze is produced only then Yumingdaimo between calendar year, from river ferry east kiln head Lv is familial in the partial memorial tablet of reservation, after can finding Qianlong, Lv surnames the name of division of coloured glaze artisan and inheritance relation, lv surnames the old and well-known family that is local production coloured glaze.

The making cardinal principle of coloured glaze wants a course to get the materials ready, shape, element is burned, apply glair, glair to burn wait for a few phase. The raw material of coloured glaze is use local materials or nearby draw materials mostly, detect because of lacking effective raw material before technology and equipment, the artisan that make a surname sums up the earthy way that gave a handy and practical, effective on raw material choice, the artisan division that has experience sees ” , “ hold ” , “ to lick ” , “ to delimit ” , “ bites the means such as ” to judge the composition of pug and performance through “ . Coloured glaze place uses pug is earth of a kind of low aluminous Gan, gray of good raw material darkly or green gray, color of inside and outside is consistent. Point to crumb of earth of will soft Gan with the hand, what judge grain by tactility is fineness, the argillaceous union sex with much fine grained is good, plasticity is strong, dry intensity is high also. Perhaps lick the section of lap clay with the tip of the tongue, if feel attraction is big, it is better to show its combine gender, adsorptive sex and plasticity. Horniness clay is which kinds of color no matter, if use penknife or Tie Ding to be in surface layer can of trace of lay off white, the meeting after to calcine of classics of this kind of clay shows white or small yellow. If fault is rough whole, like conch, judge this kind of clay roughly to contain alumina taller, fireproof degree tall also. Bite clay with the tooth feel shape having candle or grease feel, explain its contain aluminous amount very low, plasticity it may not be a bad idea. When biting if have state of fine arenaceous or common ground, contain aluminous amount tall.
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