Shanxi sheep soup

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The sheep is easy for the United States, piscine sheep just is delicacy, ovine soup fact is delicate to precious person. Have and cannot taste, hate greatest Yan. So " plan of the Warring States " the monarch that has Zhongshan state alls over a thick soup favor a sheep, not was turn for doctor Sima Ziji alone only, child period anger visits Hunan country, zhongshan of agitate plan cut down, cause monarch to abscond. " history write down " Song Zheng is at war, song Jiang China yuan a thick soup of the boil that kill a sheep, bring gift to officers and soldiers, wagoner sheep pour arrives without cent, will China yuan the general's chariot hurried to enemy battalion in.

Yang Shang
So delicious, today can inheritance its are true flavour person, person of Shanxi wanting number, not only boil of arrogate to oneself, and love to drink. I have one to feed friend, the ovine soup eating house of end of alley of Taiyuan city small market can very familiar with sth, article talk one time. A day he asks: Is soup of sacrifice of “ small shop Yang Shang? Where? ” ancient time is sacred with pig of flocks and herds, look is simple for sacrifice, body is animal sacrifice completely, feed after hold a memorial ceremony for. Sacrifice Shang Huo is this ancient relic. City of small shop of car of 2 people drive, find to have carry out, original sacrifice soup is Yang Shang. Soup of small shop sacrifice does not have gourmet powder mingle, flavour pure juice is beautiful, except drink besides, the season that has Xiaqiu is spilled at crop land, make crop land avoids the custom that gets plague of insects. Soup of small shop sacrifice still is included bequest of provincial immaterial culture to protect directory. Regrettablly the Yang Shang that we drink added noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, the flesh and chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen are detached, lost however primitive honest, let me remember the complete sheep of folk of ferry of carry city river. Complete sheep fact points to complete Yang Shang. " The Book of Rites " carry, generation of summerly business Zhou San feeds a ceremony, boil dish to be soup, the flesh that boil is a thick soup. And ovine a thick soup, official the Yuan Shishang that is next to a doctor must not be fed, more what is more,the rather that common people. The sheep of little prison, the emperor often grants minute of official in feudal times after hold a memorial ceremony for, call sacrificial meat to press.

" history write down " say Wu Guo to be defeated by advance country, feng Yue country inbreaks, jin Dinggong sent a person to send sheep of one vessel medlar a thick soup, saying is to let fire of disappear of Wu Wang disappear, the husband differs bate, in succession threw below account 7 heads. After the Warring States, zhou Li dies, hold a memorial ceremony for of civilian a group of things with common features only then with the sheep. However clansman is numerous, whole sheep after hold a memorial ceremony for by mincing thoroughly cook, little fraction of Shang Duo flesh is fed. Although share only a few, common people still inspects complete sheep, what the heart was full of power of a kind of mind to obtain is contented. A thick soup uses Yu Gongting only at that time, common people is forced to be called Yang Shang, some is flat Shang Ye need not, breathe out continuously ” of “ complete sheep. Nowadays, this one consuetudinary still take root at folk, it may be said feeds the vivid fossil of common. The famous Yang Shang austral advance, should belong to Qu Wo. Its make a way was to smash ovine framework to be the same as hotpot, sheep miscellaneous stew simultaneously make, soup white juice is fresh, local gust already was when Northen Wei Dynasty of county annals account fastfood.
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