Shanxi sheep soup

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Respecting Northen Wei Dynasty, thought of its capital Great Harmony, it is one of source that generation of Shanxi sheep soup develops. " · Hun sends Chinese book " account, period of Qin Han of the Warring States is living here Hun a group of things with common features, fall from emperor on to herdsman, eat hotpot, do not issue the rule of common people ” without “ ceremony, have “ however strong person folk-custom of ” of the old and weak of the “ Gui Zhuangjian that feeds its fat, old man to feed the others ” , cheap (" history write down · Hun biographies " ) . Ovine chunk is baked with fire, ” of the others of Yang Zhi “ namely chipped cooked entrails of sheep or oxen is boiled with water, become then miscellaneous cut boiling water. When Northen Wei Dynasty, miscellaneous cut Shangyi development to become a kind of cate. " Song Shu " carry, make repair sheep of boil of person arrogate to oneself is miscellaneous cut boiling water, give too Dao of postscript of fierce emperor develop, assist of develop postscript Dao is absolutely flavour, feng Xiuzhi aether makes an officer, till smooth salary doctor, Na Jun fair. Arrive when 11 centuries Tartar, already was “ fire burn person 19, the person that the vessel is boiled 923 ” , miscellaneous cut soup to get further progress. Till today Great Harmony sheep is miscellaneous still be deadbeat place to favor as gust of a kind of characteristic.

100000 of Lai Jinna Chinese the minority of culture sheep soup and advance north is miscellaneous cut boiling water, on north south below, blend ceaselessly and develop, form generation of Shanxi sheep soup the cate Cheng Jing of another generation. Become attached to of Yang Shang and noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, should be this kind of result that blends in Taiyuan to evolve. Soup of sheep of the size in Taiyuan city is adding noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch in the house now, match short cake to eat, became a kind of custom then, leave in Taiyuan with respect to person of county of the crimson austral Lianjin tens of in Yang Shang house such-and-such also. And the Great Harmony sheep that total advance guild hall rolls out is broken, do not add noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, have in large store fastfood, pure and sterling, should belong to authentic practice. The renown jealous that still has Taiyuan irrigates hotpot, acid is sweet delicate, taste gourmand to may be tasted.

Yang Shang matchs cake, another kind relatively famous have a way, want to count steamed bun of carry city bubble. Bubble of delicious sheep soup feeds flour pancake, or cut the flour thin pancake with ripe bake in a pan into silk, soup of the hotpot that add delicacy is boiled, mature vinegar of rejoin oily hot pepper, xian Xiangqing bright is clinking, it is with boreal photograph especially most, place calls hotpot Hu Bo, civilian according to legend is achieved when Yu Zhishui greatly, kind happiness mother of an emperor escaped on the west 1900 road classics samples, long life of “ favor a name dials ” why. Yang Shang matchs dumpling to eat, it is to go up the distinguishing feature that party crock involves Yang Shang, cao of civilian according to legend holds the place when north has asked for Yang Chang board to achieve, meddlesome person lift " bitter cold goes " with card, feed to press a little endowment. And its element of meat or fish of civilian adage “ works Shang Qiao to allocate, a bowl of Shang Li has winter of complete sheep ” , “ to drink Yang Shang, cold warm body adds drive nutrition. Hot summer days drinks Yang Shang, lukewarm stomach stops discharge goes abdomen bilges ” is the portraiture that crock closes Yang Shang is soup of whole Shanxi sheep more not just however. Shanxi sheep soup, or countryside is wild an adherence source, or evolve in marketplace circulate, abounding breed ceaselessly, increase people's the luck to eat sth delicious.
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