Hear steamed bun happy a flower

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Hear the countryside ” that is fond of the “ that be called to spend steamed bun, wen Xi 342 administrative village almost every village has the artificer that makes beautiful steamed bread, place has such view “ to have steamed bread occupied, occupied have steamed bun ” . Wen Xihua steamed bun besides edible, still have very strong view and admire a gender, its pattern
Various, the beautiful steamed bun that collocation assembles gives a person with empty Ling Xuan the feeling of clever, lifelike, its are numerous and not random, bright-coloured and the favour that does not lose harmonious adornment to get civilian art expert.

Wen Xihua steamed bun has beautiful cake, beautiful steamed bun, mascot, dish a 4 old series 200 many breed. “ spends cake ” special picture now the cake in the city, it is complex of circle, interlining, upper cover round flat look spends steamed bun. ” of “ beautiful steamed bun is to use the dough such as form of circle, peach, fish form to regard beautiful steamed bun as main body, after appearing, insert go up a flower needing a range. Mascot is given priority to with the animal more. “ dish ” of poppyhead steamed bun still belongs to the special flower steamed bun that is placed in section of the top that feed a bamboo basket in sacred activity then, can view and admire only, cannot edible.

Wen Xihua steamed bun makes a process want to pass 9 working procedure: Sift wheat with bolt, dustpan above all, sukhavati of winnow with a fan is miscellaneous, reoccupy water pan, install bamboo basket or hop-pocket to be put in shady and cool place to coagulate after that water, deposit a day, skin of facilitating wheat bead and wheat bead are detached. The 2nd pace is to choose a pink of two the whitest essence technically, the silk with the finest reoccupy makes face a bamboo basket pass, among them meal bead mixes take out broken Mai Pi. The 3rd pace is to choose a few tailor-made and yeasty mix into to take a certain quantity of basket side, after be being blended with water, put in the place with appropriate temperature to undertake initial stage ferments. The 4th pace is ferment face after hair is good, by how many what evaporate steamed bun measures, mix into enters flour waiting for a quantity, after using Wen Shui and divide evenly, undertake kneading making, want to be kneaded 8 times repeatedly at least, have with porcelain light muscle, soft it is a standard forcedly moderately, soft hardness is very important, hard evaporate not empty, easy breach, soft changeful form. The 5th pace is to hold form, by everybody normally accepted mother-in-law, can artful daughter-in-law takes on, they the excellent and adept technology holding model by oneself, according to the breed of beautiful steamed bun that has decided ahead of schedule, knead of departure of main body fittings or knead of an organic whole. The 6th pace is an embryonic form of beautiful steamed bun that has held, put in the place with appropriate temperature, had built with quilt, make its measurable send empty. The 7th pace is boiled water go up basket, the gas on urgent fire, basket circle is sealed severe, size divides evaporate, fall gas appears. The 8th pace is beautiful steamed bun after appearing, take the advantage of heat to use food color add details to a painting, depict. The 9th pace is appropriate of air of the steamed bun that wait for a flower hind, according to the need with overall figure, the autograph that use bamboo is inserted on the face of foil is beautiful, combination becomes a complete dough modeling artwork. The great and formal activity that hears steamed bun happy a flower and folk is having the concern that is different from common. It is used extensively in the activity of amorous feelings of a lot of folk-custom such as festival, marriage, birthday birth, mortuary, upper beam, move to a better place or have a promotion.
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