Hear steamed bun happy a flower

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The beautiful steamed bun of different type is having different meaning, if hear the fire of masterpiece “ tiger of steamed bun happy a flower to be fond of ” , ” of “ fire happy event is to hear happy dialect, meaning protect for “ carry ” , it is the become known steamed bun that a diameter is many centimeters 40, white steamed bread carries a bright-coloured flower or boy on the head, represent newborn baby, circuit round ten build face outside, condition of big dehisce, foolish but the small tiger of Ju, child of indicative tiger protection is grown grow up. When be like marriage of young men and women, bridegroom home should give ” of cake of above of “ of bridal home evaporate beautiful steamed bun, when waiting for a bride to go out, mom wants the root department ” of “ above cake one paragraph is cut into parts come down, let be taken away to new personality, meaning should be in for the daughter husband's family take root, the others cuts a send to give familial with neighbour, express to be fond of bird circle in the air far. The birthday cake that gives an old person evaporate spends steamed bun, a week has the lion with 9 beautiful modelling to clustering round the chrysanthemum of an in full bloom, 9 worlds of implied meaning “ reside ” in all.

The life that hears steamed bun happy a flower to accompanying local is consuetudinary go all the way, the beautiful steamed bun with crystal wisdom of collective of woman of this collect past dynasties already made a kind of brand and industry nowadays now, local regards beautiful steamed bun as in succession gift sends foreigner, wen Xi county has more than 20 store that spend steamed bun nowadays, diplomacy of beautiful steamed bun is very active.

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