Egg fermented glutinous rice

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[the egg fermented glutinous rice that the distinguished economist of advanced age of 9 a period of ten days reads aloud not to forget Taiyuan at Guang Yuannian, in him " wine collect " in say: “ often eats ’ of wine of this kind of ‘ , it is initial stage of war of resistance against aggression when 2 living in place of Taiyuan allusion board. It is in the morning everyday in those days in alley from egg of a bowl of fermented glutinous rice is bought over there the person that is carrying burden, really already delicious nutrition. Eat this kind of breakfast every day a many month did not change, a bit not tire of, eat to want to eat more more instead. Change skin eating a beans to Wuhan hind from Taiyuan, also feel
Very pretty good, do not pass and did not forget the fermented glutinous rice of Taiyuan. There is bit of knowledge later, knowing fermented glutinous rice is a kind of the oldest wine. It is that ‘ in ancient word sweets wine so ’ , it is the sort of ‘ little Quduomi, lodge for the night and become the river rice wine of ’ . ” ] fermented glutinous rice is popular Yujinna, Taiyuan the civilian gust of one belt is fastfood, liberate still be judged to be Taiyuan first 10 names eat. Fermented glutinous rice is original really wine, ancient it is with millet, kaoliang makings, evaporate is boiled ferment, “ lodges for the night and become ” , juice broken bits is the same as drink, friend name wines with dregs sweet wine, flow after turn into fermented glutinous rice.

" week ceremony " “ wine the content of the 3 wine of “ differentiate of ” , say thing wine, 2 say former times wine, 3 say clear wine ” , among them thing wine did not clarify detached wine for flooey, namely wine of fermented glutinous rice, also call “ unstrained liquor ” . See the drink of fermented glutinous rice, advance already became a common practice when ground year, and begin heat to drink, " history write down " carry “ (Zhao Xiang child) with acting king drink, the person that accuse hutch says, namely wine to one's heart's content is happy, enter hot sip ” . When advance and Kun of Liu of state feudal provincial or prefectural governor and rice wine of drink of Lu Xi of acting king Yi (namely wine of fermented glutinous rice) , the knot is brother, just have recover advance is in relief later story.

Be current of the Tang Dynasty of the Sui Dynasty with sticky paddy (polished glutinous rice) make fermented glutinous rice, become gradually now the form of fermented glutinous rice, because color weighs liquor again in vain, li Bai has “ white spirit return in new ripe hill, yellow chicken pecks the line of ” of millet Qiu Zhengfei. If bubble of the extensive when going out because of wine again is green formic, bai Juyi endows with “ therefore wine of green formic new Pei, red sludge small burner. Come late Tian Yuxue, can the peak of poetic perfection that drink does not have ” one cup.
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