Egg fermented glutinous rice

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Evening of the Five Dynasties, kuang Yin of Zhao of according to legend abandons Wen Xiwu, take the sea-voyage eastward the Yellow River comes to crimson city, starve without grain without money intolerable. Inn-keeper sees him air space is uncommon, do fermented glutinous rice to give him benefit from. Zhao Kuangyin does not know why content, inn-keeper says: “ flooey soup just ” . Zhao Kuangyin became the emperor later, long for ” of “ flooey soup, ask inn-keeper to go to Beijing recycle, say acid of “ flooey soup is sweet tastily, wine sweet ooze is lienal, change later call fermented glutinous rice. Character of jade of ” gold mouth, the name of fermented glutinous rice is passed then, follow up to now, river north weighs fermented glutinous rice more, and Changjiang Delta calls polished glutinous rice wine more.

Rice of north of river of “ Changjiang Delta, in house of hutch of the evaporate that boil, bran music buys wine interest, beautiful spring aids sweet strange ” . Have good rice, have beautiful spring, became famous surely actor fermented glutinous rice, shanxi since ancient times with and, crimson two cities are with big hole most. And the city has advance ancestral temple, ancestral temple grades hard old coin; Hong Dongan gets the better of a temple, the temple sheds Huo Shanquan; Crimson city dragon promotes a temple, the temple sheds Gu Duiquan. 3 springs Ceng Yoming produces polished glutinous rice, also brew gave a name to have fermented glutinous rice, add art of go to work to pay attention to, local color is accordingly distinctive, 100 worlds circulate. Craft of fermented glutinous rice, exquisite have 3: It is “ gives rice ” , conflagration evaporate, cold water is strong, careful rub, do not get cursorily; 2 it is “ puts music ” , music quantity has summer little, winter in much, age, each are not identical; 3 it is the ” when “ is brewed, the day is counted also Xia Er, winter 4, age 3, long be defeated surely. Make the fermented glutinous rice that give so, just have “ a thick soup of sweet and goluptious bullion, disappear of be good at stomach feeds the foundation of Fu Shoushang ” . Had fermented glutinous rice in the past, want to use tailor-made red sludge small heater, after wind calabash blows on fire young plant, sit red copper fries gourd ladle, the embryo of rice of fermented glutinous rice that one spoon has sent dip, affusion is burned boil, add a brown sugar, “ swings ” to take earthy egg spike, full boiler of very short time hikes up weak ” of yellow “ sweet-scented osmanthus. Dip spoonful, small drunk of entrance pleasant alcohol, aftertaste wine sweet ooze is lienal. Come to a bowl, heat of disappear of the satisfy one's thirst when the weather is hot, warm when Tian Han the body that appear a heart. Take in the Hong Dongyi austral advance, annual the traditional Chinese calendar in March 18 temple fair, it is the United States in order to drink this fermented glutinous rice. And in Taiyuan, have seat of government of Taiyuan of “ of ballad civilian adage 3 treasure, ” of brains, fermented glutinous rice, jellied bean curd, still have king of fermented glutinous rice of “ lake edge, beautiful wine not as good as the common saying of strong ” of fermented glutinous rice circulates, the common root that witnesses Taiyuan to drink fermented glutinous rice is deep and flow long, but body realizes Mr Yu Guangyuan " wine collect " what narrate affection intendment is cut.
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