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Lao of You face wicker basket, it is the cate of the daily life of a family in Shanxi, already served as food grains other than wheat and rice now fastfood in ovation of restaurant wine shop. Its make past history of law, name, want restrospect to at the beginning of the Sui Mo the Tang Dynasty before 1400. Civilian according to legend, tang Guogong Li Yuan is demoted Taiyuan stays behind, carry spirit of dependant by way of temple of Pan Gu of empty hill ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, old abbot is tailor-made cooked wheaten food of this kind of You is tasted in order to feast. Li Yuan asks: Is “ hand carried why content? ” old abbot answers: ” of Lao of “ wicker basket. Evergreen chinquapin is floral general term, wicker basket points to
The appliance flourishing substance that makes up with bamboo thin bamboo strip or wicker (" demit sea " ) . Tang Yin has Shi Yun: “ lute is written language time into complain, gold of wicker basket quantity is bought outright spring. ” looks abbot is the small bamboo or wooden utensil for steaming food that carries with the hand replies at that time. Li Yuan became an emperor later, send old abbot to be become to 5 hill abbot. Old abbot guides numerous monk go to one's post, county of transient Jing Le, see naked oats close first, make Lao of You face wicker basket the law passes place. Again cooked wheaten food of this kind of folk spread everywhere to advance, short for Shaanxi Province, unconscious, look forward to, rash and other places later, become the cate of the daily life of a family of northward and a mountainous area people. Folk still has a kind of view, father and son of Li Shimin of according to legend rises in Taiyuan arms, those who use is army of reward with food and drink of this kind of cooked wheaten food, with one action builds big Tang Wangchao, wicker basket is by reward with food and drink one word flows to change and come.

This is folklore, but Lao of You face wicker basket is in Shanxi folk besides it is cate of the daily life of a family outside, really still reward with food and drink kisses the meaning of friend honoured guest. In area of Liang Shan of wild goose north and Lv, people gifts Lao of wicker basket of face eating You symbolizes with the happiness such as “ firm ” , “ harmonious ” . Whenever old person birthday absurd, child a baby's completion of its first month of life or meet the section entertains a guest, dine with this more. A mountainous area some other peoples marry when espouse, bridegroom bride also should eat, hoary head of mean husband and wife arrives old. End of the year year old should eat more when end, with pray family harmonious, person carries be prosperous.

Cate is consuetudinary originate more local products and historical inheritance. Area of Gao Han of hill northwest ministry, teem with naked oats (also weigh oaten, Yu Mai) , from north of balladry “ wild goose 3 treasure, ” of naked oats, yam, big fur-lined jacket sees just a little. Difficult in the past natural condition exercised food grains other than wheat and rice of a mountainous area people fine the ability that make, new son's wife is on husband's family first time boiler, want the show off one's skill on preexistence You face; And the You face meal that call at sb's house of new husband Spring Festival also wants to have on 10 kinds of variety. Lao of You face wicker basket, a kind be meal of face of this kind of You, because of ” of beehive of “ of be similar in shape, so local common people also call his ” of nest of nest of “ You face. Its make law key have 3: It is boiling water knead dough, 2 it is to be built quickly roll, 3 it is to master duration.
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