Shanxi coloured glaze

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Of coloured glaze frit making up is the most difficult in this group course of study master also provide most concealment sexual craft, resemble “ peacock blue ” especially the recipe of this kind of frit, artisan inspects his to be “ stunt ” , reason has “ to pass what daughter-in-law does not pass female ” to say. Glair is burned is last crucial working procedure, glair burns failure to mean all working procedure in front to waste entirely, the color that burns labour to change completely according to flame judges the discretion of the temperature inside kiln.

The coloured glaze that I save ever was a very important category, it is art of pottery and porcelain the typical model that afterwards is building a domain to apply extensively after Qin Zhuanhan is made of baked clay. Nowadays, the pattern that builds a form as the tradition is small, and the reason such as environmental protection, the traditional making craft of coloured glaze will exit historical arena.

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