A form of usury in the old society

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A form of usury in the old society calls bean flour cake again, it is Beijing fastfood one of medium old breed, also be old Beijing fastfood 13 absolutely. Flavour perfectly! Its raw material is to use glutinous millet face to add water steam ripe, add more a bit when knead dough water and some softer. Fry soya bean additionally ripe hind, make friends becomes powdery area. When making roll of face of soya bean pink will be touched to become a skin outside the glutinous millet face with familiar evaporate, wipe next on stuffing of bare sweetened bean taste (usable also brown sugar) coil, cut what control into 100 grams is small, scatter on white sugar was become. Stuffing of the requirement when making coils equably, distinct, appearance shows yellow, the characteristic is sweet, sweet, stick, have sweet smell of full-bodied soya bean pink.

Bean flour cake is his with soya bean face main raw material, friend calls bean flour cake. But why to call “ a form of usury in the old society ” again? It is analogy of a kind of figure it seems that, in after be being made, be being put in face of soya bean pink, boil, if outskirt is wild true the borrower having to pay interest on interest, like dust, get a name so.

Nowadays, a lot of people know name common to say only, do not know its renown. Show each snack bar to have all the year round supply, but most already need not glutinous millet face, convert face of polished glutinous rice, because of outside roll face of soya bean pink, its color still is yellow, it is masses special a kind when love fastfood.

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