Chinese chestnut packet installs class A change on the west Chinese chestnut ben

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[merchandise category] aricultural special local product >> forestry

[place apanage region] China north area >> Heibei >> change on the west county

[manufacturing company] change on the west limited company of food of chestnut of pleasant of prefectural gold ground

[sell a state] marketable

Pack: 100g, 150g also can press a requirement to machine 30g, 50g, 80g to wait.
Raw material: Use my firm entirely organic, without country of base of social effects of pollution feral and sterling change on the west Chinese chestnut.
Chestnut benevolence grade: Class A
Characteristic: Can reflect “ change most on the west the natural, delightful taste of Chinese chestnut “ , it is one of delegate variety that the company starts a brand.

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