Bead of class A bead laughs at Chinese chestnut

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Bead of class A bead laughs at Chinese chestnut

[merchandise category] aricultural special local product >> forestry

[place apanage region] China north area >> Heibei >> change on the west county

[manufacturing company] change on the west limited company of food of chestnut of pleasant of prefectural gold ground

[sell a state] marketable

Pack: 128 G also can ask to machine other norms by the client.
Raw material: Use my firm entirely organic, without country of base of social effects of pollution feral and sterling change on the west Chinese chestnut.
Characteristic: Take a skin to feed the small Chinese chestnut that pack namely, utmost is in the zest that retained candy to fry Chinese chestnut. Taste day is become, it is one of delegate variety that my company starts a brand.

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