"Green brilliant card " jujube, crystal jujube, tribute jujube, grain jujube

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[merchandise category] aricultural special local product >> forestry

[place apanage region] China north area >> Heibei >> dark blue county

[manufacturing company] limited company of food of complete Xin of dark blue city

[sell a state] marketable

Grain of ” of card of “ green brilliant packs cent of series product standards to be: Series of bulk of kilogram of candied date or jujube of candied date or jujube of 180 grams crystal, 380 grams crystal, 1*5; Series of bulk of kilogram of jujube of jujube of tribute of 180 grams donkey-hide gelatin, tribute of 380 grams donkey-hide gelatin, 1*5.

Classics of product bead bead chooses strictly, again with superior conventional technology complementary be made with secret of contemporary high-tech technology and become, its utmost withheld the nutrient component of former jujube, feed red jujube to have dietotherapy value more than sheet. The characteristic with product fruity, exquisite entrance, it is the healthy and recreational food that you reside the home, journey.

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